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Every kitchen we design has its own personality.
They are planned to the very last detail.

They reflect the individual requirements and needs of its owner.
It is a living expression of the life and culture of the individual.

Your KITCHEN will be the center of attraction and a sanctuary alike,
a retreat and a calming antidote for every day stress.

"Suddenly my heart is touched, it does me good,
I am happy, I say: that is beautiful. That is architecture. Art is present."

 bora logo 80k-NEW-192 downdraft systems

BORA German downdraft systems -
design and efficiency in two-fold perfection.

With BORA a wide range of advantages add up
to a completely new dimension in kitchen design.

The bottom is the new top.
Draw off cooking vapors effectively - without an extractor hood.


Illuminated Mirrors
Zierath2011-FB 400x400-693-518
Lighting technology and functionality of striking design
and high-end finish.

Made to measure or standard - Halogen or LED
- It's your choice.


Design radiators - where beauty meets warmth.

The wide range of modern Zehnder heated towel rails
provide comfort and warmth in bathrooms as well as
cloak rooms and ensuite shower rooms.

Available in many shapes, finishes and sizes.


acrylic bathtubs, shower trays

More then 40 years experience with acrylic bathtubs and shower trays.

The bathtubs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and
offer comfortable options for almost any imaginable room situation.

Feel good - after a long and busy day, plunge into a pleasant warm bath.
Get away from it all and relax.